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starter kit
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The Starter Kit  is the best way how to get started learning digital skills with BigClown . It allows you to wirelessly trigger actions, control various appliances, send...

Code: BCS020
motion detector kit a1
€48,80 excl. VAT

The Motion Detector Kit makes it possible to detect human presence . It communicates wirelessly and operates up to 2 years from the standard Alkaline batteries. Using the...

Code: BCS005
nb tester
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€81,80 excl. VAT

Test the LPWAN NB-IoT with our battery-operated tester. Data will be sent to your mobile app or web browser (Chrome). In addition to network information, it also sends current...

Code: BCS473
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€818,20 excl. VAT

A special kit for innovation teams and schools . The kit includes all available modules and the HARDWARIO Hub.

Code: BCS022