Product WebPhotos SanDisk MicroSD Card
€6 excl. VAT

Pre-programmed microSD card compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Code: HWA002
sys1449 2005 w2e 1
€8,60 excl. VAT

AC/DC Adapter for Power Module.

Code: HWA011
Product WebPhotos MicroUSB Cable
€1 excl. VAT

0.6 meter long USB cable for connecting Core and Bridge Modules to Raspberry Pi.

Code: HWA013
€0,70 excl. VAT

Industrial grade quality AA alkaline battery 1.5 V

Code: HWA039
€0,60 excl. VAT

Industrial grade quality AAA alkaline battery 1.5 V

Code: HWA037
Product WebPhotos LED1m
€20,50 excl. VAT

1 meter long digitally programmable RGBW LED Strip with 144 LEDs.

Code: HWA006
Product WebPhotos LED5m
€24,80 excl. VAT

5 meter long digitally programmable RGB LED Strip with 150 LEDs.

Code: HWA008
product 526
€64,50 excl. VAT

An eight-channel SPDT relay module with DIN Rail Box and 1-Wire interface. Suitable for Home/Industrial Automation applications. This module can be added into existing Raspberry...

Code: HWA020
BigClown Accessories KnobSmallBlack
€0,80 excl. VAT

High-quality aluminum knob for Encoder Module - black.

Code: HWA017
BigClown Accessories KnobLargeSilver
€2,60 excl. VAT

High-quality aluminum knob for Encoder Module - silver.

Code: HWA016
BigClown Accessories KnobLargeBlack
€2,60 excl. VAT

High-quality aluminum knob for Encoder Module - black.

Code: HWA015
3D-Printed Enclosure 103
€3,30 excl. VAT

Narrow type for Mini Battery Module, RS-485 Module, Core Module and one optional module (e.g. Cover, Climate, LCD, PIR, Button, GPS, Infra Grid)

Code: HWE103/WHI
€86 excl. VAT

Raspberry Pi 4B/4GB in the set with official accessories for its connection and startup.

Code: HWH009
raspberry pi microhdmi kabel 1 m bila
€5,50 excl. VAT

MicroHDMI cable for Raspberry Pi with a length of 1 m in white. It is especially suitable for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, which is equipped with two microHDMI outputs for...

Code: HWA048
mikrotik lora 1
€164 excl. VAT

Out-of-the-box solution to use LoRa® technology. This kit contains a pre-installed UDP packet forwarder to any public or private LoRa® servers and an outdoor weatherproof...

Code: HWH010
USB 2.0 cable A B 1.8m
€2,30 excl. VAT

1.8 meter long USB cable for connecting all COOPER models to HUB / PC / GATEWAY or used for powering COOPER.

Code: HWA014
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