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chester input
€470,70 incl. VAT

A configurable NB-IoT/LTE-M/LoRaWAN device that samples, aggregates, buffers, and reports values on four digital/analog inputs and captures changes on digital inputs.

Code: HWP103
chester meteo 1
On request
€471,90 incl. VAT

Battery-powered NB-IoT/LTE-M weather station that monitors temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind direction and speed, and atmospheric pressure with configurable...

Code: HWP139
chester push
On request
€458,60 incl. VAT

Configurable NB-IoT/LTE-M/LoRaWAN device with four buttons for instant message sending when pressed.

Code: HWP104
IoT Seminar for Companies
€484 incl. VAT

4hodinový (4 x 45 min.) praktický seminář pro firmy o internetu věcí - technologiích, komunikačních možnostech, výzvách a praxi.

Code: SVC004
lux meter tag a1
€18,20 incl. VAT

The Lux Meter Tag uses a high dynamic range light intensity sensor OPT3001 that can measure illuminance from 0.01 to 83,000 lux. This sensor is digital and calibrated. It...

Code: HWT004
mini cover module a1
€35,10 incl. VAT

The Mini Cover Module is a simple mechanical part that helps to cover the front face of the TOWER electronics (smaller format 33 x 55 mm). It looks great when combined with one...

Code: HWM025
nfc tag a1
In stock
€23 incl. VAT

The NFC Tag operates as a dual port memory. You have the the NFC protocol from one side and the I²C bus interface from the other side. It features a 1 kB EEPROM memory. The chip...

Code: HWT001
power module a1
€71,40 incl. VAT

The Power Module allows you to connect a 5 V DC power adapter via a standard 2.1 mm power jack socket. It features a high-current relay (230 V AC / 16 A) to control your...

Code: HWM019
479 discussion.png
€242 incl. VAT

2 x 45 minutes of active STEM education on Climate Change. HARDWARIO Starter Kit included.

Code: SVC002
Sensor Set
Sensor Set
In stock
€72,60 incl. VAT

Sensor Set is designed for connecting external sensors - soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor or sensors for monitoring energy meter pulses. Data is transmitted via the...

Code: HWS024
serial dongle cable right
€79,90 incl. VAT

Set of Serial Dongle and programming cable.  

Code: HWA104
tag module a1
Tag Module
In stock
€23 incl. VAT

The Tag Module makes it possible to connect up to six TOWER tags. There are two independent I²C buses (I2C0 and I2C1) - one on each side. This allows connecting two tags of the...

Code: HWM006
temperature tag a1
€23 incl. VAT

The Temperature Tag uses a high-accuracy temperature sensor TMP112 with a typical accuracy of ±0.1 °C at 25 °C. This sensor is digital and calibrated. It communicates using an...

Code: HWT005
voc lp tag
In stock
€35,10 incl. VAT

The VOC-LP Tag is a gas sensor for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentration. This is useful for indoor air quality monitoring applications. This module uses a...

Code: HWT007

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